Press Photos -- Jesus' Kid Brother

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All Photos by Eric Sabroff

Jesus' Kid Brother Larry (David Brouwer) searches for true love and finds Pontius Pilate's daughter Mary (Katherine Von Till) Joseph (Jeffrey Landman) teaches the carpentry trade to young Larry Christ (David Brouwer)
These girls (Emily Falvey, Ali Spuck, and Beth Crosby) are looking to hook up with one of Jesus' 12 disciples "Da Baker" (Fernando Orozco, Jr., center) sings his love of baking to employees Barabbas (Christopher Dean Briant, left) and Jesus' Kid Brother Larry (David Brouwer, right)
Winemakers Ernest & Julio Galilee (John Altieri, left, and Michael Brown, right) hire Jesus' Kid Brother Larry (David Brouwer, center) Barabbas (Christopher Dean Briant) shares a moment with Pontius Pilate's less-favored daughter Destiny (Rana Davis)
Pontius Pilate (Anthony Mannix, center) and his wife (Dana Reynolds, left) lovingly patronize their daughter Mary (Katherine Von Till, right)
Kris the Crossmaker (Paul Morente) brags about his skills to the unamused Roman Guard Stu (Benjamin Sprunger)

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