Reviews of Jesus' Kid Brother

Variety Review (Julio Martinez)

Excerpt: Ambitious, amazing energetic rock tuner! ... Helmer Jules Aaron and choreographer Brian Paul Mendoza have molded a talented 18-member ensemble into a powerhouse performance juggernaut!

Backstage West Review (Les Spindle)

Excerpt: This beautifully crafted show blissfully resurrects the Hudson Group's glory days of small-scale musicals such as Reefer Madness and bare. ... a prodigious pop/rock score ... there's scarcely a second to come up for air between laughs.

Los Angeles Times Review, Hudson Theatre Run
(David C. Nichols)

Excerpt: Jesus' Kid Brother is delirious, the most unexpected romp since Reefer Madness and an ineluctable cult hit! ... A heartfelt Borscht-Belt tune fest! ... The electrifying vocals incinerate the house, and they rally a marvelous ensemble!

Los Angeles Times Review, International City Theatre Run
(Daryl H. Miller)

Excerpt: Deliriously entertaining! Scenes unfold in a hilarious rush of quirky character details and pop culture references! The book, music and lyrics, by brothers Brian and Mark Karmelich, call to mind "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" yet contain comic gems of their own! Review (Sharon Perlmutter)
Excerpt: Heaven help me, I enjoyed Jesus' Kid Brother! That the show's plot allows itself to get a laugh by the mere suggestion of something wholly sacrilegious, but the backs away into safer ground, is the real marvel of the script. Jesus' Kid Brother ultimately works -- it's a winning piece of comedy. A damn funny night at the theatre!

NoHo LA Magazine Review (Don Grigware)
Excerpt: Holy Christ! Hold your hats and hallelujah! ... A rollicking rhythmical ride that is so fresh, frisky and flavorful ... On the fun scale of one to ten -- a twenty!

Orange County Register Review (Eric Marchese)

Excerpt: A Hoot! Jesus' Kid Brother is one big grace note! Strikes the right balance between humor and heart! The music is an appealing melange of rock, country-Western, big band, gospel, Broadway show tune and klezmer, deftly handled by Murphy and his five-man onstage band. Sark's ingenuous Larry is a true mensch!

Press Telegram Review (Shirle Gottlieb)

Excerpt: A Rousing Spoof! Jesus' Kid Brother" is guaranteed to be a rousing success! Audience attention is captured from the very get-go when the ensemble belts out "It's Tough to Be a Jew in Biblical Times!"

Grunion Gazette Review (James Scarborough)

Excerpt: "Jesus' Kid Brother" at the Center Theatre is funny, moving and well done! Everything in this production works. With lyrics as witty as Tom Lehrer's "Vatican Rag" and tunes as catchy as "Jesus Christ, Superstar," the songs run the gamut from Gidget-esque I've-Got-A-Crush-On-You numbers to a sweet love song sung by Larry and Mary to an opening number that captures what it was like to be a Jew/a Roman in biblical times the same way that the opening number from "Guys and Dolls" captured the street energy of New York City.

Palos Verdes Peninsula News Rerview (Mary Scott Bellgraph)

Excerpt: "Jesus' Kid Brother" is funny, clever, fast paced and entertaining! ... the type of musical that can appeal to a wide range of people. A cast of strong vocal talent -- there's not a weak voice or performance in the bunch! I don't think it will be long before the Karmelichs will be back in New York opening on Broadway!

Tolucan Times Review (Pat Taylor)
Excerpt: There's an exciting new rock musical comedy in town, destined to be a big hit and a possible candidate for a New York run later on. (Big Bucks producers looking for a show to promote should see this one!) ...

Beverly Hills Courier Review, Norma Zager
Excerpt: If you are looking for a fun and upbeat night in the theatre filled with lively music and dancing, great comic surprises and a chance to watch tomorrow's big Broadway hit in its infancy, make plans today. "Jesus' Kid Brother" is a surefire hit ...

Beverly Hills Outlook Review (Cynthia Citron)
Excerpt: If you want to see the best musical in L.A., hurry to the Hudson Mainstage Theater now to see "Jesus' Kid Brother", because it'll cost you a lot more for a ticket when it becomes the best musical on Broadway!