Brian & Mark Karmelich
(Music, Lyrics, Book)


Brothers Brian & Mark Karmelich, who grew up in San Pedro, California, bring a unique perspective to musical theater, having written hundreds of songs for their rock band Sauce, a regular on many an L.A. club stage. Their CD Where Are You Going? hit several Top 30 playlists (KGRK, WKSR, WMUR, KSUA, WFHC, WSUR, WMPH) and Top Ten CDs of the year lists (including The Long Beach Gazette writes about Karmelich songwriting, "As instantly likeable as they are vastly politically incorrect ... blithely irresponsible zeal married to an irresistible sense of melody". Their sardonic and clever songwriting style lent itself well to musical theatre, which led to their first musical One Dakota, depicting one man's struggle to unite North and South Dakota into one state. And now Brian and Mark leverage their Catholic upbringing to bring their story of "Larry" to life.

Brian and Mark are overjoyed and overwhelmed by the immensely talented cast and crew who have agreed to take part in their concept. Thank you all!!

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