Creative Team 2005 New York

Brian Paul Mendoza
(Choreography and Musical Staging)

Brian Paul Mendoza won both the LA Theatre Ovation Award and a Backstage West Garland Award for Best Choreography with his LA theatrical premier, the groundbreaking Oliver! at Deaf West Theatre directed by Jeff Calhoun, both of whom also won the Ovation Award for Oliver! Combining the beauty of sign language with the discipline of dance and applying it to the constant meter of music, BP created a technique, as well as raised the bar, for movement in an art form rarely seen in live theatre before Oliver! musical theatre for the deaf. The seeds of BP's work can currently be seen in full bloom on Broadway in Deaf West and Jeff Calhoun's revival production of Big River. Luckily for the LA theatrical scene and the Southland, in general, BP opted to stay in LA and continue to push the boundaries of conventional theatre through movement in several critically acclaimed productions since his 2000 debut God Help's Terrence McNally's Corpus Christi, Actor's Coop's As It Is In Heaven (LA Times Critic's Choice), International City Theatre's Raisin (LA Times Critic's Choice), Lillian Theatre's Head Games, Gascon's Xanadu Live. As a playwright, BP's theatrical coming out was *change at Babylon, produced by and starring Chad Allen (CBS's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) at both the Tiffany and Hudson Mainstage Theatres. His screenplay of *change won the AngelCiti Screenwriting Festival and is currently in pre-pre-pre-production with, once again, Chad Allen taking the reins. BP has also recently workshopped his first full-length musical ever--babeLOVESdickie with composer Aaron Abrahamy based on this country's original crime of the century, the Leopold and Loeb case of 1924. It is an honor to be working on JKB. Nothing excites BP more than creating something from the ground up, especially an original musical. In LA, no less. Cast, you are fan-tastic! Now just, one more time thanks. Murphy and the Brothers K, a musical doesn't dance unless the music inspires it to! thanks. Marie, you are fierce, girl! Don, are you sure you're not a Shubert? And, of course, much love and original glazed to our illustrious and impish director, the incomparable Jules Aaron... thanks for the ride! Looking forward to many more!

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