Cast 2006
Long Beach

Elaine Loh
(Destiny Pilate, Mary Marie)
As a recent Brown University graduate en route to law school, Elaine decided to put aside her plans in order to pursue the much more practical and lucrative career of actor. Since embarking on this adventure, she has been in commercials and independent films, has hosted a cable television show, and has worked as a cabaret singer. She is still striving for that enigmatic "big break" in the film and television industry, but was thrilled to recently play a small role on NBC's Passions. However, theater has always been Elaine's first love and she is grateful to be a new addition to Jesus' Kid Brother. Elaine is a member of hereandnow, an Asian-American theater company and also has performed in various productions around Los Angeles. Previous leading roles include Once on this Island, Little Shop of Horrors, and Children of Eden. Elaine would like to thank her family and friends for their unending support.

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